The Idle Index is an online project offering free screensavers created by artists, animators and filmmakers based in, or with links to, Leicester. The most recent set of screensavers was commissioned by Phoenix for Leicester Art Week 2020, following on from the editions in 2018, 2019. This can be downloaded here.

We recognise there is a wider interest in the use of screensavers as a space for creative artistic expression and investigation.

The Idle Index Template repository can be accessed here and includes a template version that you can populate and publish with your own artist screensavers.

Our art programme at Phoenix explores the creative and cultural impact of new media and technologies, offering new ways of looking at our rapidly changing world. Our programme can also be interactive and playful, offering our audience opportunities to take part and co-create through technology. You can read more about what we do, here.

Taking place in our gallery, across the public spaces at Phoenix and in communities across Leicester, our art programme is supported by Arts Council England and De Montfort University.

For more information about our github repository you can email mateus.domingos [@]